Top Industry Professionals Join Non-Zero to Revolutionise the Brokerage Industry
3 August 2018
Tech talent combined with solid managerial experience is the recipe for success of Non-Zero
In a rapidly evolving retail brokerage industry, Non-Zero ( is one of the companies with true potential to disrupt a long-standing business model. Market making brokers have been dominating the market for years but recent regulatory changes are opening the door for a new approach. Non-Zero has built from the ground up a new business model that enables brokers to share some of their balance sheet gains with losing clients, thereby contributing to a new level of transparency in the brokerage industry.
To achieve its goal, the company has attracted top industry talent in a very competitive global landscape. The team, which the founders of the company have assembled, includes top management at the helm of Non-Zero and talented engineers at the core of the platform.
The company is led by Hadi Kabalan, as CEO. He has multiple years of experience in the tech and financial industries, holding the title of Executive Director at none other but Goldman Sachs. After several years as an investor, he became a Managing Director of one of the early blockchain companies, Otonomos, where he was responsible for the EMEA business of the firm.
Hadi is a CFA charterholder and holds a BSc(Hons) in Banking and International Finance from Cass Business School and a certificate in Fintech Future Commerce from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Commenting on the prospects for the highly innovative firm, Hadi Kabalan shared: "The advent of Internet was fantastic for financial services, as it allowed retail investors access to markets they previously did not have access to, and anytime-anywhere trading functionality. Open Internet protocols have the potential to extend and magnify those positives going forward, and that is what we are doing with Non-Zero. We're creating a dynamic that will be positive for the brokerage industry as a whole, while attempting to solve some of the conflicts of interest that have crept in over the years."
The core of the operational and tech team is shared with another industry disruptor, Centroid Solutions. The company has been at the forefront of risk-management software in the retail brokerage industry. Bundled together with a bridge and a reporting module, the firm is providing an end-to-end solution for brokers.
Non-Zero's team is complimented by former Morgan Stanley exec Nikhil Kenia who is the Head of Operations at Centroid Solutions. Nikhil has 7 years of experience in consolidating and analyzing financial data and managing different operational areas.
He has a Bachelor of Commerce (Distinction in Accounting) from the University of Mumbai and a MBA in Finance from N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research (NLDIMSR).
Commenting on his appointment as Finance Officer of Non-Zero, Nikhil Kenia said: "The key to success of the brokerage industry today is adequate risk-management software integration. Delivering a revenue sharing model for the brokerage industry is essential to maintaining its long-term viability."
The Chief Technology Officer of Centroid Solutions, Marwan Alameddine is also joining Non-Zero's team. His expertise in software architecture, trading platform development, and trading strategies implementation makes him the ideal industry connoisseur for the company. He has been the technology manager of 514 Capital Partners for over five years and is deeply familiar with all tech aspects of the retail brokerage industry.
Marwan has over 20 years of experience in IT, software development, and complex systems integration. In addition to that, he has an extensive experience in financial brokerage services and financial trading software. Marwan held leadership positions in Software Development/IT at worldwide companies, including eShirt, Extreme Click Ads, Orion Holding Overseas, and Mirage Data Technology Services.
Commenting on his appointment as CTO of Non-Zero, Marwan Alameddine said: "The rapid development of blockchain technology is opening the doors to a brave new world for the retail brokerage industry. The integration of radical transparency into existing technologies opens the door to a better business relationship between brokers and their customers."