180 Capital Announces the Launch of 180 Digital Assets
180 Capital, a financial technology leader in online brokerage, quantitative investment management, risk management and regulatory technology solutions, announced today the launch of a new subsidiary, 180 Digital Assets (www.180digitalassets.com). The new entity seeks to capture the seminal opportunities created by distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the world of trading, finance, and commerce.
Hadi Kabalan was named as the Chief Executive Officer of 180 Digital Assets. He has twenty years of global leadership experience in technology investing, including twelve years at Goldman Sachs, and is a recognized authority in digital asset strategies with unique expertise in blockchain technology.
“We believe that DLT is just beginning to scale as it is attracting considerable attention from governments and the private sector who seek to benefit from its inherent superior characteristics” said Karim Farra, co-founder of 180 Capital.
“Blockchain has the potential to disrupt many industries including financial services. It is expected to generate $10tn worth of opportunities by 2027 and to impact 10% of the global economy,” said Ziad Aboujeb, co-founder of 180 Capital.
“Digital assets and the cryptographic technologies underpinning them are disaggregating financial markets and products and redefining a more intuitive user experience for the digital-first generation,” said Hadi Kabalan, CEO of 180 Digital Assets. “We are dedicated to taking a leading role in bringing the benefits of this disruptive technology to clients globally across wholesale and retail markets.”

180 Capital

180 Capital (www.180cap.com) is a financial technology leader that specializes in online brokerage, quantitative investment management, risk management solutions, regulatory technology solutions, and distributed ledger technology. 180 Capital is the parent company of Amana Capital, 514 Capital Partners, Centroid Solutions, and 180 Digital Assets.