Amana Capital’s Delta Trader Program Continues to Attract High-Potential Traders
Dubai May 2, 2019
Amana Capital recently concluded the second round of its Delta Trader program attracting participation from over 500 traders in 30 countries. The firm, in partnership with its sister company 514 Capital Partners, is awarding the top 10 traders with a total of $1 million dollars to manage.
The round concluded with the announcement of 10 winners from 6 countries. Each winner will have the opportunity to manage $100,000 and retain part of the proceeds.
Traders from Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates took the top positions at the end of the three-months program.
The names of the winners are:
Eyad Alrifai from Germany

Mohammed Al Bsoul from Jordan

Haissam Kabbara from Lebanon

Maksim Shamsan from Russia

Abdulrahman Alghasibi from Saudi Arabia

Khaled Mahmoud El Issawi from Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Alnusayan from Saudi Arabia

Bandar Nasser AlWafi from Saudi Arabia

Saeed Alghazali from Saudi Arabia

Akeel Mohamad Ahmad from United Arab Emirates

Asset Management Talent Hunt

Amana Capital and 514 Capital Partners are collaborating together to identify and develop trading talent. The uncertainty in market conditions and the difficulty in producing a consistent performance make it more valuable to find quality talent.
Through the Delta Trader program, the intent is to encourage interested traders to appropriately manage market risks and reward positive performance. Amana Capital is committed to seek out the most talented traders among its growing clients base and empower them with trading capital, in partnership with 514 Capital Partners.
Commenting on the news, Ahmad Khatib, the CEO of Amana Capital, said: “The Delta Trader program is an increasingly popular competition where traders all over the world showcase their trading talents, receive in-depth analytics about their trading activity, and on top of that, get the chance to manage significant trading capital.”
“What makes the program unique is that traders are able to understand and improve their trading performance through Delta’s detailed analytical dashboard, no matter what is the outcome” elaborated Amana’s CEO.
The third round of the Delta Trader program has started on the 1st of May 2019. Up to 10 traders that meet the preset risk-adjusted performance criteria set out by 514 Capital Partners, will qualify to manage each an account of $100,000 and retain20% of the profits. To qualify for the program, new clients will need to deposit at least $1,000 into their trading account.

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