Welcome to 180 Capital

We bring innovative financial trading solutions to individuals, corporations and institutions worldwide.


”We believe that the investment sphere is rich in opportunities. Which is why we build businesses that combine the latest financial innovation and trading technology. We strive to empower every person and every organization to reach their financial and business objectives - so they can capture the opportunity that matters the most to them."

Karim Farra & Ziad Aboujeb
Co-Founders of 180 Capital


Our top priority is the success of all our stakeholders.

180 Capital is a holding company that incorporates deep domain expertise in online trading and investing, investment management, risk management, regulatory technology solutions, and digital assets

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180 Capital’s group of companies deliver a wide range of financial solutions.

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Online Trading

Amana is a specialist in online trading providing retail and institutional clients with direct access to global financial markets.

Fintech Solutions

Centroid Solutions offers sophisticated risk-management solutions & real-time analytics, dedicated hosting solutions, and advanced connectivity to institutional clients.

Systematic Investing

514 Capital Partners is an asset manager that applies a quantitative approach to investment management.

Digital Assets

180 Digital Assets creates tradable and non-tradable digital assets and implements blockchain platforms with a focus on exceptional user experience.