About us

180 Capital’s group of companies delivers the widest range of financial solutions.



The power to succeed, without limits.

Our strength, innovation and technology have made us an industry leader with a full spectrum of financial solutions for both clients and institutions, on an international scale.

We strive to create the most modern and compelling investment environment for clients and institutions everywhere.


Empowering people through innovation and technology.

Our mission is to fuel our clients’ and partners’ achievements, powered by honesty and reliability, expertise and mentorship, and superior technology.

Everything we do is to aid and inspire our clients so they can maximize their potential and accomplish their unique goals.

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As we continue to expand, we keep our focus firmly on our clients.

Our high ranking in the industry is a testament of our dedication and the value we bring to clients' businesses intentionally.

So far, we have empowered clients and institutions in over 80 countries around the globe, and we continue to grow via innovation and technology.

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Our goal

Turning future vision into reality.

We use stronger financing solutions to help clients build a better future.

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