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Online Trading

amana is an industry leader and internationally-regulated broker in the world of online trading.


With over ten years in the business, amana delivers an outstanding experience for online traders in 80 countries and provides direct access to trading Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Currencies and Cryptocurrencies.

amana is headquartered in Dubai with offices in the UK, Cyprus and Lebanon.

amana is a fully regulated broker with six main international licenses: the FCA – UK, DFSA – UAE, CySEC – Cyprus, LFSA – Labuan, FSC - Mauritius, and the CMA – Lebanon.


Fintech Solutions

Centroid Solutions provides the right set of technological services that allow brokers to optimize and grow their online trading business.

Centroid Solutions

Centroid is a technology provider that combines real-time analytics, sophisticated risk management, and advanced connectivity with extensive industry knowledge.

Its mission is to improve risk-adjusted performance and strengthen sustainability for brokers everywhere.

Headquartered in Dubai with a branch in Cyprus, Centroid brings the latest technology to deliver an all-in-one suite that enables brokers to optimize their business performance through a single unrivaled framework.

Financial brokers can now monitor their business activity, manage and mitigate risks, optimize their execution, and benefit from regulatory and business governance - all from one platform!


Systematic Investing

514 Capital Partners is a fully systematic investment firm that develops proprietary models to trade financial and commodity markets.

514 Capital Partners

514 Capital Partners aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation with minimal correlation to traditional portfolios

The company develops quantitative models that trade over 25 major liquid global markets, namely fixed income, indices, currencies and commodities.

It follows a systematic trading strategy designed to capture alpha from up and down trends, with no long or short bias.


Digital Assets

180 Digital Assets seeks to capture the seminal opportunities created by distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the world of trading, finance, and commerce.

180 Digital Assets

180 Digital Assets creates tradable and non-tradable digital assets and implements blockchain platforms with finance, trade, and commerce applications, with a focus on exceptional user experience.

The company aims to capitalize on the disruptive blockchain technology for uses beyond cryptocurrency transactions – primarily trading, finance, and commerce.