Centroid Solutions integrates Blockfills to Centroid Bridge

April 23, 2024
Centroid Solutions integrates Blockfills to Centroid Bridge

Dubai, UAE, 23 April 2024 – Centroid Solutions, a leading technology provider of connectivity for multi-asset brokers, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Blockfills, a market leader in digital asset trading technology with 24/7 digital asset liquidity provision being among the firm’s boutique of consultative fintech services.

Centroid Bridge is an institutional-grade connectivity, execution, and reporting system provides brokers, institutional, and multi-asset financial clients the ability to manage pricing, liquidity, comprehensive reporting, and execution from a centralized environment, with smart order routing for multi-asset platforms. The system provides a streamlined medium encompassing admittance to BlockFills’ 24/7, deep digital asset liquidity offering. The connectivity integration addresses brokerage needs by connecting these provisions directly to the client’s trading platform.

“BlockFills’ clients who prefer to connect through a bridge platform now have the cost-effective option of a panoramic ecosystem that supports their business evolution swiftly and without restrictions or added processing fees. The integration dispenses universal connectivity and execution, 24/7 access to BlockFills’ liquidity, eliminating the need for a sundry of verticals required to conduct operations” says BlockFills’ CEO, Nick Hammer.

Centroid CEO, Cristian Vlasceanu adds “Centroid Solutions takes a leap forward into the crypto market with the integration of BlockFills as a new cryptocurrency liquidity provider. This collaboration enables clients of Centroid Solutions to gain access to a wide range of digital assets with deep liquidity and unlock new opportunities in the digital asset space.”

About Centroid Solutions

Centroid Solutions is a fintech innovator specializing in risk management, quantitative analytics, connectivity, complex execution strategies and PnL optimization for multi-asset financial brokers. Centroid offers a complete suite of technology solutions and infrastructure that is specifically designed to help brokers optimize their business performance, expand their product offering and facilitate business growth.

To reach Centroid Solutions regarding business opportunities, please email [email protected], or for more information, please visit

About BlockFills

BlockFills is a disruptive financial technology firm dedicated to the provision of end-to-end solutions for global crypto currency market participants. The Company has successfully built and deployed a cutting-edge multi-asset technology platform that solves major liquidity fragmentation problems in the marketplace. The platform provides price discovery, price aggregation, electronic order matching, smart order routing and trade reconciliation solutions for institutions in the digital spot, derivatives, and credit markets. In addition, BlockFills provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that simplify all aspects of the trade lifecycle for institutions in the sector.

To reach BlockFills regarding business opportunities, please email [email protected], or for more information, please visit

For more information on the BlockFills X Centroid Integration, please visit Centroid – BlockFills.


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