FTT partners with Centroid Solutions to enhance financial technology solutions for clients

November 25, 2021
FTT partners with Centroid Solutions to enhance financial technology solutions for clients

Centroid Solutions, a technology provider that combines real-time analytics, sophisticated risk-management, and advanced connectivity solutions for multi-asset brokers, becomes a strategic business partner for Fair Trading Technology (FTT), one of the most rapidly growing brokerage solutions providers in the fintech industry. FTT’s vision is to become a leading digital, data-driven, innovative solutions provider by empowering clients with cutting-edge financial technology solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, Jonas Eldborn, CEO of FTT, said: “We are very proud to engage in this partnership with Centroid Solutions. It has been a very constructive process, where we have leveraged our expertise in financial brokerage solutions and worked closely with the Centroid Solutions’ executive team to fully understand their clients’ needs. The FTT’s end-clients will get access to advanced trading capabilities with Centroid Solutions’ hosting and connectivity, and our partner will extend its reach into the market with even more competitive offers. At FTT we have always believed in the power of partnerships and that we achieve the best results when we create business synergy with like-minded partners. This is what this partnership is all about and it is a true win-win situation for both parties. I am convinced that we will see more partnerships like this one across the industry as clients demand more sophisticated and intelligent financial solutions.”

“We are delighted to achieve this strategic partnership with FTT. It is rare to find such an alignment in vision, principles and approach between our executive teams. We are excited to work closely together with the FTT team, empower their customer’s operations and setups, and bring benefits to our customers.” said Cristian Vlasceanu, CEO of Centroid Solutions. “FTT offers comprehensive financial brokerage solutions, including a powerful CRM and back-office management system which allows brokers to have full control over their operations, while making use of Centroid Gateways aggregation engine, to manage their liquidity, order routing strategies and risk management, as well as Centroid Connect Hosting Solutions to host their trading servers.”

About Fair Trade Technology

FTT wants to be the catalyst of change for the fintech revolution forward. By offering modular, complete solutions for financial brokers, FTT wants to revolutionize the whole industry. Our BrokerTools, a web-based modular platform already serves financial experts, investors, and money managers across the globe by giving them access to an extensive range of information and tools from the financial markets. FTT solutions are deployed in highly resilient data centers in prime locations around the world, utilizing the latest hardware and technologies, with the best possible redundancy, delivered support, and enhanced customer experience. FTT will not stop here, on contrary, we will raise the bar to force others to do the same. In the end, that really is our goal: to simply raise the bar. To create a new standard in the fintech industry.

About Centroid Solutions

Centroid Solutions is a technology company that specializes in risk management, quantitative analytics, connectivity, complex execution strategies, and P&L optimization. Their technology solutions are designed to help brokers optimize their business performance and facilitate business growth.

The company’s flagship offering includes Centroid24, an all-in-one risk management software that automates in real-time all risk management and analytics activities for the dealing department and decision-makers of the company. Centroid Gateways Aggregation Engine, an innovative bridging and execution engine, featuring a quant-based execution technology that enables flow allocation between b-book and a-book at a granular trade level, based on any quantitative risk factors the broker is tracking. The execution engine opens up new revenue capturing capabilities for the broker, as well as greater flexibility for controlling the exposure, managing and optimizing the flow. Centroid Solutions also offers infrastructure and server hosting services, tailored for financial trading platforms.

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